Development Setup

Clone the respository that was created for you on your GitHub account. Once cloned, run the following command from the project's root directory

npx vercel link

Download the environment variables needed to connect your local project to vercel and sanity

npx vercel env pull

Install dependencies and run the project

npm install && npm run dev

When you run this development server, the changes you make in your frontend and studio configuration will be applied live using hot reloading.

Your docs website should be up and running on http://localhost:3000 You can create and edit content on http://localhost:3000/studio.

Deploy to production

To deploy your changes to production you use git

git add .
git commit
git push

Alternatively, you can deploy without a git hosting provider using the Vercel CLI

npx vercel --prod

Import uDocs

When you first deploy your uDocs to vercel, it won't have any data in it. You have to add all that data, if you just want to test your deployment and upload dummy data, you can do that. I have included data in repository. You can just import that using following command

sanity dataset import uDocs.tar.gz production