Next Gen Documentation Website
An optimized site generator in Next.js and Sanity CMS. uDocs helps you to move fast and write content. Build documentation websites, blogs, marketing pages, and more.

Documentation Leveled Up


Overcome language barriers to reach a global audience effectively.

Document Versioning

Manage content versions for accuracy and consistency.

Algolia Search

Improve navigation with fast and accurate search results.

Features you'll love

A platform you can rely on to reach your audience

Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR)

Update content without full rebuilds, enhancing site performance and user experience.

Real-time editing and previews

Instantly see changes with real-time editing and previews, boosting productivity.

Deployed on Vercel

Deploy effortlessly with Vercel for fast, secure, and scalable applications.

SEO Optimized

Improve your site’s search engine ranking with built-in SEO optimizations.

Sweet DX (Developer Experience)

Enjoy a better development workflow with TypeScript for reliable and maintainable code.

Dark mode

Offer a dark mode to reduce eye strain and meet user preferences.

Responsive Design

Adapt your site to any device for an optimal viewing experience.

Embeddable Studio

Customize your development environment with an embeddable studio for enhanced collaboration.